French properties for sale from real estate agents and property owners all over France. Advertise your French property for FREE.

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If you have a database and can send the properties in our XML format, we can import your property data into the network free of charge.

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The French Property Network

The French Property Network is part of The Search Property Group. The Search Property Group was setup to create and manage real estate networks throughout the world.

Through our network our property portal websites, network member agents and lead generators we offer a powerful marketing platform for your real estate properties for sale.

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When an enquiry is made about one of your properties, you will receive an email with the name, property details and any comments.

You can then view the contact details in exchange for lead credits. Lead credits can be purchased in the members area.

As an introductory offer lead credits cost just 10€ per lead. We plan to increase this in the future.

With the massive increase globally of investment in overseas property and residential tourism plus the economic growth of domestic real estate markets, has come the need for access to quality real estate data and a platform to market real estate properties to property investors from all over the World.

The French Property Network brings together real estate agents and individuals from all over France with the purpose of connecting property buyers with property sellers.

By combining the marketing power and resources of multiple real estate agents, a high profile internet presence, afilliates and partners plus traditional marketing methods, The French Property Network offers real estate agents and property sellers a powerful tool for selling your French properties.

The French Property Network offers property buyers an extensive database of French properties to choose from and access to a large selection of professional real estate agents specialising in property for sale in France.

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The French Property Network is a property portal system powered by real estate software developed by our business partner Cyber Creative. They are a web development company specialising in real estate software and Internet marketing. The software has been developed against the backdrop of the successful property boom being experienced in Spain and other areas of Europe. Cyber Creative have been building real estate software and websites for over 9 years and have become specialised in the area.

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If you have a database and can export your data in our XML standard then we can automatically import your property data into the network free of charge. Contact us today!